FLYING BOY FILMS consists of friends who tell stories, take pictures, and aim to create.

They currently live in Los Angeles, but have nothing against any other cities around the world.

For any inquiries please contact:

NAME: Andy Riddle

RANK: Member, Co-founder

ROLES: A little bit of this, A little bit of that, Event Photographer, Pep-Talker, Poke-Funner

BIO: I grew up in El Sobrante, CA. It was a pretty standard childhood. Little League. Video Games. The Price is Right. Come the age of 18, college came knocking, so I answered. I spent my days equally at the beach playing Frisbee, and at Pepperdine University, majoring in TV Production.

As fate would have it, (funny didn’t Jonny start this paragraph just the same way), I would be suite mates with FBF Member Jonny McDonald my Freshman year, and the collaboration would start almost immediately. Jonny once broke my camera, but he eventually fixed it.

I graduated in 2004, and started working immediately… at a flower shop. Needless to say, I am no longer there, and clearly I am here.

NAME: Jonny McDonald (aka Jonny Mac)

RANK: Member, Co-founder

ROLES: Writer, Director, Editor, Producer, Errand boy, Cheerleader, Truck Driver, Resident Gearhead

BIO: Grew up in Snellville, GA. Went to school at Pepperdine University. Majored in Theatre Arts - Directing & Stage Management. Directed some plays, made a few short films, learned a lot.

My Freshman year I was suite mates with my FBF partner-in-crime, Andrew Riddle. The collaboration started almost immediately, and we continue to irritate each other to this day. Brilliant with a camera. If he’ll have me, Andrew will shoot every movie I make.

We like to make movies. Probably making one now. When that one’s done, we’ll make another.